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Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec

Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec


Cut & Palm: The classic palm is one of the longest running cuts in goalkeeping, characterized by its outer seams which enlarge the inner surface of the palm. G2 ultra soft is a top performing palm regarding grip in dry and wet conditions. With an improved abrasion resistance, the addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger.

Backhand features:

Shockshield Advance: This is a thick embossed pro latex which has fantastic dampening properties which help to give you great power and accuracy when punching the ball clear.

Pro Flex: Specific placement of materials allows pro flex to offer fantastic flexibility in the backhand improving comfort and performance. Allowing it to move with the natural contours of the hand. 

AirVent System: Designed to improve airflow through the backhand and around the fingers, provided using a breathable mesh which covers the entire upper hand and sides of the fingers. This design offers optimum breath ability and airflow throughout the upper part of the hand and fingers keeping them cooler on hot days.

Ergonomic Support System allows the anatomic shape of the glove while in resting position to be slightly curved  in the natural catching position. The latex on the little finger side is slightly pulled up to give a larger catching area. 

Pull Loop: The pull loop is there to aid putting on the glove without damaging the latex, this is especially helpful on cold/wet days.


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