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About Us

Soccer World has proudly served the soccer community for 16 years!!  Alison's son played soccer at a very competitive level, and she was tired of driving from store to store, and never finding what she needed or wanted for her son.  It was that need that prompted her to open Soccer World!!

Soccer World was founded in 2001 out of a desperate need for a great store, with tons to choose from, and knowledgeable people to educate on the products!  From day one Soccer World vowed to have a great selection, and great people to show, share, and educate on the wide array of products for your game.  Soccer World has a huge range, in every department, at all times!  Cleat starter package for only $39.99.... up to all top levels of professional cleats for over $350.  For recreational players, to professionals, Soccer World has everyone covered!!!  

We all know soccer in Canada is a year round sport, and for that reason, Soccer World boasts a massive inventory year round!!!  People travel from all over southwestern Ontario simply because they know Soccer World will have what they need, and more!  Soccer World is a huge believer in contributing to soccer at the grassroots level!  Supporting hundreds of teams, individual players, clubs, and development programs over the years!  Soccer World has provided thousands of coaches packages over the years, recognizing the value they bring to the game in Canada.